Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ahhhh...winter time is finally over...not that it gets very cold here ;)

The water was so clear today, and I had to go for a swim. I grabbed an old pair of goggles and saw some amazing sea life under the ocean. What a day. Found a perfect white conch shell too.

You know, it's not so different from art. Living, experiencing, breathing in. That's what art really is anyway, something so colorful in your mind and so freeing to your spirit. I'm not a mystical person (well maybe I am, which is why I like art so much...), but the feelings I get from art are the same great feelings I get from life. The connection to your unconscious mind through your eyes is incredible. Well, I've had enough rambling for now, and these two blog posts in one day really wore me out! I'll talk to you guys later. Much love to all.