Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This blog is going to take on a new mission for me. It was used to showcase my art before, but now I will be posting more about influences and other musings because my main site is taking off. I would like to discuss what brought me to this point in life instead of what I'm currently working on or what I'm looking forward to in the future. The last year or so has been a period of transition for me. I'm looking towards new things and I'm also reflecting on older things that I wouldn't have before. Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder but I believe it also has a negative effect. I don't know. Enough rambling!

This photograph above is by a friend from school. He is really taking his photography seriously, and is taking his art to new (and strange) heights and I really love it. It evokes a very strong emotional reaction from me. He took this picture in France I believe. Well, good luck to him I say!

What to expect from this blog: A variety of posts, new things I've tried, travels, changes, all of that. I can't wait to share it all with you, so stay tuned.

A notable big change from me (which I detailed in a recent blog post on my other site) is that I quit smoking. I was starting to smoke a few too many cigarettes, and I decided to quit. But nicotine is not that quick to betray...she is a cruel beast. My friend J. had started smoking e-cigs and really wanted me to try to switch over. I had heard about the disposable gas station ones, and I have even tried a couple disposable electronic cigarettes but I was less than impressed.

J. told me he was using something mas mejor. It was a nicotine vapor device, I don't want to call it an e-cig because it's different, but it works by creating vapor out of the end, not smoke. I sampled the one he was using that he got from Ippuku Electronic Cigarettes who make some really high quality products. These ones are built to last a long time, and they look good too. I ended up ordering the Ippuku pulse in white, which is a smaller version of their main model, the Catalyst, but it works great. I am happy to say I haven't smoked a cigarette in months since I started using it. You refill it up with nicotine juices (theirs are organic) and it's rechargeable too. I got the Banana Coconut Colada and the Peanut Butter Sandwich flavors and they're pretty delicious.

Anyway guys, thank's for reading and stay tuned for some more cool things I've been up to lately. Love you all! Adios.